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Journalism at UCSB is a dynamic path of the Writing Program, with practical, real-world applications for students interested in learning and practicing their craft, preparing themselves for media careers upon graduation, or for graduate studies in journalism.


Students pursuing journalism may choose from seven upper-division undergraduate journalism-specific courses within the Writing Program. Three of these are part of the Journalism Track within the university’s Professional Writing Minor – the core journalism credential at UCSB. In addition, the program offers courses in media writing and multimedia communication that are related to journalistic writing and complement the skills of UCSB students headed into media professions.


Together with joining one or more of the many news, magazine and broadcast outlets on campus, and by pursuing professional internships, UCSB journalists finish their undergraduate studies in a strong position to succeed in the field. Our faculty also leads an international reporting course in Berlin, Germany each summer, which offers invaluable real-world experience.

Many students who are interested in journalism choose to major in Communication, English or Film and Media Studies. Many others major in disciplines ranging from Philosophy to Biology, Environmental Studies to Middle East Studies, pairing their areas of specialization with our journalism courses and the Professional Writing Minor.

Professional Development

As a Hispanic Serving Institution, we are home to a UCSB student chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), which provides invaluable mentoring and networking for Latine students headed for journalism.


Women in Media (WIM), a club which spans a broad spectrum of media fields, including film and entertainment, is also hosted on the UCSB campus.


We intend to form student chapters of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) and the Association of LGBTQ Journalists (NLGJA). 

International Reporting
in Berlin

International Reporting in Berlin is a dynamic education abroad opportunity that counts as a pre-requisite for the Professional Writing Minor. This 3-week trip is led by faculty member Nomi Morris and administered by the education abroad organization ieiMedia. 

The Berlin Project

3-week summer program

Berlin Beyond Borders

online publication of work produced in the course

Writing to Publish

Journalism at UCSB supports students in the real-world challenge and experience of publishing their work, on campus and beyond.


Two Journalism courses allow students to publish on official UCSB campus web and social media sites: Writing for Digital Journalism (107DJ) and the Web and Social Media Internship (W124).


Explore student work on the websites of the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts and the Division of Social Sciences.


Students are encouraged to submit work to student-run print, broadcast, magazine, and web outlets at UCSB, including the following publications:

The Daily Nexus / The Bottom Line / WORD Magazine KCSB-FM / UCSB TV / The Catalyst / Spectrum Magazine at UCSB / HerStory UCSB (annual zine).

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