Tym chajdas


Office | Girvetz 1320

Ph.D. Global Studies, Emphasis in Information Technology & Society

University of California, Santa Barbara


M.A. International Journalism

School of Journalism, Media & Culture,

Cardiff University, UK


B.A. Joint Honors in English Literature & Media Studies

University of Wales, Swansea, UK


Dr. Tymoteusz (Tym) Chajdas teaches a range of journalism courses at UC Santa Barbara’s Professional Writing Minor.


He’s also a Lead Researcher at Harvard in Tech, Harvard University’s technology group that advances technological progress by fostering innovation, facilitating access to resources, and actively promoting technological engagement. As an interdisciplinary social scientist, he connects diverse academic disciplines to generate public-facing scholarship that holds the potential to shape policy decisions. This ethos is mirrored in his teaching, through which he strives to empower students to drive positive change by creating a more informed and sustainable future.


Prior to joining UC Santa Barbara, he worked at a number of organizations that spanned the fields of journalism, media and strategic advisory including ITV Wales, Polish Radio, ScaleLab YouTube Network, Nature Publishing Group, Global Societies Journal, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Impact Consulting, and Boston Consulting Group.

Journalism and News Writing (107J) 

Digital Journalism  (107DJ)

Academic Writing (WRIT2)

Global Media (GLOBL 157)

Media Forensics (INT 93LS)

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